A LITTLE WINTER MAGIC: Eleganza Real Bride Sarah Wears Eleganza Iconica

A LITTLE WINTER MAGIC: Eleganza Real Bride Sarah Wears Eleganza Iconica

A LITTLE WINTER MAGIC: Eleganza Real Bride Sarah Wears Eleganza Iconica. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2020

After Sarah experienced a dress disaster at another boutique that left her only five weeks to find the perfect replacement, Eleganza Sposa worked a little magic to save her winter wedding...

How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

Just perfect from start to finish. I had a disaster five weeks before my wedding and ended up without a dress. I had been to your store before with a friend when I had already picked out my first dress that didn’t work out. I remembered that I regretted never getting to come to you guys myself. So when I found myself looking for another dress, Eleganza was the first shop I called.

During the initial phone consultation, I was so panicked that I wouldn’t find something with so little time to go. The stylist I spoke to totally put me at ease and booked me in for an appointment in few days time.

When I arrived, I had forgotten how absolutely stunning the store is. My first impression was that everyone was so lovely and helpful. We went through my Love List and luckily I managed to find the dress of my dreams. I loved it even more than the first dress I picked out somewhere else!

Eleganza made the rest of the process so easy for me, from alterations to collection. Everything was sorted in 2 weeks! I’ll forever be grateful.


We’re so glad we could do our part to rescue your big day! Tell us all about your Eleganza Iconica gown.

I had real hopes for this dress when I saw it on your website and just totally fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on in store. It really felt like one of a kind and just fitted with my Winter Wedding theme perfectly. The detail was just stunning and I really felt the design was timeless. My stylist also helped me pick out the most wonderful head piece.

What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

Our wedding was towards the end of December so we went for a sort of Christmas glam vibe! One of the first things I bought was our lovely Christmas bauble favours which were these gorgeous different metallic colours. They ended up influencing a lot of the rest of the wedding because I loved them so much.

We love a winter wedding, tell us all about your big day?

It was on the 28th of December at Crossbasket Castle. I had always dreamed of a castle wedding and I can’t recommend Crossbasket enough. The ballroom is perfect because it’s such a blank canvas, so you can really put your own touch on it. We hadn’t planned for a Christmas wedding initially but it was just perfect. We were super lucky with the weather and there were already lovely Christmas decorations in the front of the house at the venue. Everyone is just in such a good mood around that time of year! It really was magical.

Nothing like some Christmas magic to bring your wedding to life! What was the most memorable moment?

I think walking down the aisle and seeing Luke for the first time that day. He knew how upset I’d been about my first dress and when I got to the bottom of the aisle he said I looked amazing and that the dress was perfect.

We love hearing how beautiful brides have felt in their dress! Finally, do you have any advice for future brides visiting Eleganza Sposa?

Just to take time doing your Love List and also to trust however does your consult with you to pick out other dresses and accessories for you. They obviously all know what they are talking about.

Photographer: Patricia Gibson

Florist: SuperNova Wedding Design

Venue: Crossbasket Castle

Makeup: Claire Park

Hair: Pamela Docherty

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Cake: Penelope Parfait

Music: Piano by Alexander Graham for the ceremony and drinks reception and the band Ernest in the evening.