Bothwell Bridge Runway Show January 2016

Bothwell Bridge Runway Show January 2016

Bothwell Bridge Runway Show January 2016. Mobile Image

Jan 18, 2016

Our annual runway show at the Bothwell Bridge Hotel  on Sunday 10th January was a huge success. The purpose of the show was to unveil our 2016 couture bridal and occasion wear collections from designers including; Eleganza Iconica, Suzanne Neville, Tarik Ediz, Yolan Cris, Martina Liana and Eleganza Collezioni.

The show was styled by the fantastically creative Ian Tod and our beautiful gowns were accessorised with hats from award winning milliner William Chambers and jewellery from Euan Mcwhirter.

Our fabulous models; Hayley Buchanan, Robyn Crumlish, Christina Chalk, Nicola Mimnagh, Indre Melanija, Emma Fyfe and Miss United Kingdom 2015's Mhairi Fergusson were made up by Ramilla from the Hair and Make-up lounge and her talented team.

A huge thank you to our exclusive photographer at the event Jodie Mann, for the stunning pictures below.

JodieMann_Eleganza2Fontana JodieMann_Eleganza4 JodieMann_Eleganza5 JodieMann_Eleganza6 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-3 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-7 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-10 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-14 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-23 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-26 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-31 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-37 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-43 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-48 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-55 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-57 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-59 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-64 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-70 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-73 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-76 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-90 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-103 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-107 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-110 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-112 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-120 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-123 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-128 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-139 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-147 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-152 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-155 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-157 JodieMann_EleganzaSposa-162

All dresses pictured are now available exclusively from our flagship boutique on Glasgow's Bath Street. To book an appointment with us, please contact us on 0141 248 3200 or email us here.