Bridal Trends Spring/Summer 2016

Bridal Trends Spring/Summer 2016

Bridal Trends Spring/Summer 2016. Mobile Image

Nov 30, 2015

With wedding season once again upon us, we have compiled a list of the biggest bridal trends for Spring/Summer 2016 to inspire our beautiful brides. Although wedding styles may not change drastically from season to season, designers work hard to keep their classic styles current, with fun updates. We love taking a sneak peek at the new collections and browsing through all the beautiful gowns to find inspiration and we are sure the new styles will you excite you as they have us.

This season, it’s all about tastefully revealing more, giving the modern bride a chance to do sexy in a sophisticated way. The first trend is ‘sheer illusions’ which was first inspired, of course, by the elegant Kate Middleton in 2011, and still isn’t going away. Tasteful sheer placements can add a new dimension to the gowns and with the addition of illusion lace or buttons, it is sure to turn heads. For the more daring bride, the full sheer gown is incredibly popular, giving the illusion of full coverage with embroidery in just the right places to create a sexy, intriguing look.

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As well as this, necklines have become a key focus of the designs for spring/summer 2016 and are taking multiple forms this season, from extremely bold deep V’s to more subtle slits. The plummeting necklines are here to stay and are becoming more and more daring. However, for brides looking for a more elegant take on this, the keyhole neckline is a perfect trend with a high neck and simple slit. Another trend that reveals a bit more skin, is the thigh split. For those wanting to show off their legs but still conform to the traditional full length wedding dress, a thigh high slit is a chic way in which to add an element of drama to your gown.


Another trend that allows brides to show off their bodies is by going backless. Again, with many different styles, every bride can find their perfect backless gown from more conservative keyhole designs, to fully exposing designs dropping to the waist or all the way to the lower back. The open backs are often outlined with embellishment or chiffon creating a romantic look. The illusion trend can also create the impression of backless with sheer fabric hosting floating buttons or embroidered detail.


Following these daring trends, another that is huge for Spring/Summer 2016, is incorporating elements of lingerie into bridal gowns. Body contouring corsets are now topping ball gowns and slip dresses are being modified to appropriate the church aisle. The dresses are incorporating boudoir styling and glamourous old Hollywood influences to give brides an elegant confidence.


However, it’s not all about showing more skin with floral embellishment being a key aspect in the Spring/Summer 2016 collections. Floral appliques have always been a staple of bridal wear, however this season, 3D embellishment is putting a modern twist on this classic trend. Ranging from statement floral motifs to delicate beaded petals. Looking again to historical influences, the designers have also taken inspiration from the glamourous designs of the past with feathers making a huge comeback. Again, ranging from full feathered skirts to small waistline details, any bride can put their spin on this versatile trend.

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For the bride more comfortable in a shorter dress, the Spring/Summer 2016 collections are full of LWD’s. Taking a more relaxed and fun approach to the traditional wedding dress, these short dresses breath a new life into bridal wear. If a short dress isn’t what you imagined ever getting married in, you can have it as a second outfit change and let your hair down at the reception. In contrast to the girly short dress, is the most drastic and modern trend this season, the suit. From structured tuxedos to wide legged jumpsuits, ‘the perfect dress’ is no longer the only option.

53b283271d818-valentine2With so many new and updated trends for Spring/Summer 2016, this wedding season will be the most daring of all and allow brides to experiment as never before.