Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer. Mobile Image

Jan 21, 2013

Your wedding day is the biggest and most important of  your life - and the one day you want to treasure and share forever. Many couples find the task of choosing a wedding photographer a daunting one as there’s so much pressure to get it right. There’s no point having the perfect dress and venue if your once-in-a-lifetime day is not captured the way you wanted it to be. With so many things to think about when choosing a wedding photographer, one thing that’s certain is to do your research! At Eleganza Sposa, we thought it would be helpful for you to hear some hints and tips from top photographer, Lisa, from Picture 35Rich Pictures. What inspired you to become a wedding photographer? I love the fact I get to share the happiest day of someones live. Although my training was in press photography I soon realised I would enjoy weddings more after being asked to do a few for friends, so I took the plunge and went out on my own and started Rich Pictures almost 6 years ago now. Can you explain the different types of styles of photographs that couples can choose from. Such as traditional pictures or fluid, reportage style? How popular are these different styles? I study each couple to try and guage what their individual style is all about, some are quirky, some grungy, some traditional. I offer a pre-wedding shoot to test this and try out different styles on them. Most couples love the look of posed images, but don't think they can actually do it. They say they prefer candid, unposed pictures, but most of the time when it comes down to it they choose the more polished images for their album over the candid views. So I try and cover both most of the time. Would you recommend having both styles of photographs in a wedding album? It depends on the layout of the book. If it was designed well there is no reason why you can't have both, but an album always reads better if there is a uniformity to the design. Is it important to meet with couples to get to know them and their personalities? Absolutely! Usually couples who are definitely going to book Rich Pictures end up meeting us for around 2 hours in our first meeting so that we can discuss timings and all the things they love and hate. Generally we keep in touch throughout the year/months prior to our pre-wedding shoot and final meeting. We do our pre-wedding shots one month prior to the wedding so we can see the locations we want to use (hopefully they don't change in this time). This generally takes an hour of shooting and afterwards we go back to the office to discuss the plan and family picture requirements. Do you think it’s important to have traditional portraits if you’re from a big family? The blunt truth is couples put too much pressure on themselves to try and include family members in individual pictures. I give a target of 10 groups, getting the most important people in the first groups. i.e full wedding party, then parents, then each of the four sides of the families, then moving onto grandparents and friends. Sometimes the picture lists can get completely outrageous and couples don't realise this can cut into their own time with their photographer. In my opinion, I would prefer to have a well presented image of the full wedding (everyone) and fill the rest of the book with images of the couple, but the truth is the traditional pictures of the family members seem to be too important to cut out. Do you think it’s important for couples to see previous albums that you’ve compiled to give them a taster of your style and how you capture the magic of the day? Yes, I show them varied styles and get an idea of how far I can push them on the day. I have a loveydovey scale to try and work out where they stand in terms of romance. 1 meaning public displays of affection are probably not going to happen, 10 meaning pose them romantically to the maximum. Couples don't realise we all know they are madly in love with one another this is why they are getting married so their photographs should represent this and tell the story of their love. Do you have any top tips you can give to couples such as insurance, copyright of photos or anything else from personal experience? I'm not married, but I would definately insure my wedding day, and not leave anything to chance. Your wedding album is the one thing you will take away and have forever so choose something spectacular so that you tingle each time you open it. Ensure your album design it set out to perfection before you print it. Use your images big, don't be afraid of this after all it's all about you! Can you give couples any other hints on their big day to get the best out of their wedding photographer? Get to know us, in my opinion artistic people are generally quite passionate, we are looking to get the best out of you and your day, but if you don't explain what you want we could be going off in the wrong direction. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter - pop over to say hello!