Eleganza Advice: 5 Tips for the Best Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Eleganza Advice: 5 Tips for the Best Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Eleganza Advice: 5 Tips for the Best Wedding Dress Shopping Experience. Mobile Image

Jun 25, 2020

As we prepare to open our doors to brides once more, we look to share some of our best wedding dress shopping tips ahead of your appointment...

The time you have been dreaming of has finally come... you're shopping for your wedding dress! After a few weeks of delays and uncertainty, we are looking forward to welcoming brides into our gorgeous store once more. Whilst we have made some changes to how we operate to ensure everybody's safety, we want your appointment to be the lighthearted and exciting experience that you have been waiting for! We wanted to share a few tips that will help you find the dress of your dreams at Eleganza Sposa.


1. Create a Love List Prior to your appointment at Eleganza Sposa, we will ask you to use our unique Love List feature. Dedicate a little time to browsing our website before the day of your appointment and click 'Love' next to the dresses that stand out to you the most. This will not limit the dresses that you will try on, but simply give your stylist a great idea of your style and what you are looking for before even meeting you! Click here to find out more about our Love List.


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2. Keep an open mind Every time we listen to our past Real Brides' Eleganza Experience, we ask them what advice they would give to brides about to visit the store. Nearly everyone shares the same advice: keep an open mind and trust your stylist! It's normal to have an idea of what styles you love and think you will suit, however, your stylist will give a great outsider's perspective on what gowns will help you look and feel your very best. Trust us, all of our stylists have your absolute best interest at heart and we all share the same goal - to find you THE dress! Keeping an open mind will give you an advantage towards this goal.



3. Don't worry about your entourage Due to regulations set to keep us safe in the current climate, we can only currently accommodate one guest per bride. Luckily, we believe this to be the perfect number! Whilst you will, of course, want to hear from voices that you know and trust, having too many opinions can become overwhelming. You will be able to virtually invite as many people to your appointment via video call as you please, however, be wary of allowing other's opinions to influence your decision over what your own heart wants!



4. Dress comfortably You will want to feel your best throughout your appointment. We recommend wearing underwear that is as close to the kind you will be wearing on your big day as possible. Neutral colours are a must to get into the headspace of a bride! If it helps you feel more comfortable, wear shape-supporting underwear. It is also a good idea to wear or bring a strapless bra in case a dress you love requires more invisible support. Feel free to wear makeup on the day if it will help you feel more confident - we will simply ask that you cover your face as you put on each gown.


5. Enjoy yourself You might be putting pressure on yourself to find the perfect dress, however, remember to let loose and take in the whole experience. It's the only chance you will have to play dress-up on such a scale so take the time you need to enjoy yourself! Although you may have an idea of what a "bride" should be, we want you to find the dress that brings out your own unique personality. Be honest with your stylist about your budget and what you are looking for. We aim to make your day a time to celebrate you, your beauty inside and out and your journey to becoming a bride. We can't wait to help to bring your dream bridal look to life! Book your Eleganza appointment today here! Find out more about what to expect from your upcoming appointment here.