ELEGANZA ADVICE: Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

ELEGANZA ADVICE: Rescheduling Your Wedding Day

ELEGANZA ADVICE: Rescheduling Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Apr 12, 2020

With the current uncertain situation we find ourselves in, many of our brides have unfortunately been given the advice to postpone their wedding day. We want to be available as a helping hand to those affected and so we have created this guide for brides going through the process of rescheduling their day.

Take Your Time

It’s a difficult time for brides and grooms who were extremely excited for their big day. It is only natural to be upset. Make sure to take time to allow yourself to grieve the day you thought you were having. However, this too shall pass!

Focus on the positives once this mourning period is over. You have been given some extra time to create the wedding of your dreams! There are many things you can do virtually to prepare for your brand new big day.



Your first step is to contact your venue. Although deposits may be non-refundable, many wedding venues are offering to postpone your date without any additional charges. Rescheduling your wedding to a late date with the same venue will be the safest and most cost-effective plan whilst moving your wedding day. You might need to be flexible with your new date, just keep in mind that celebrating your love will be magical in any month! The main thing to consider when planning your new date is that nothing conflicts with your personal, family or even your important vendors’ calendar.


Once you have a shiny new date for your wedding, the next step is to contact all of your suppliers. Our main advice for this is to be kind, open-minded and patient. Your suppliers will each be going through their own changes and it may be an especially tough time for small business. Email each of your vendors in a short, sweet and heartfelt way. Your patience and understanding will make all the difference when working together to rearrange the details you had planned for your wedding. Remember to make a list of everyone who is contributing to your day in order to not miss anyone and to keep on top of their responses.

Once you have been in touch with each of your suppliers, things may begin to feel less overwhelming. You might have to consider changing small details due to availability but aim to have fun whilst making these changes!


Finally, get in touch with each of your guests. We recommend contacting every guest individually rather than hoping they all see on social media or your wedding website. This doesn’t mean you need to send out a whole new set of invitations - that could be expensive! You could request a digital version of your initial invitation and email the guests yourself. There are also many apps and websites that can help you create this email if your original invite designer is unavailable. Request that guests RSVP and those who haven’t responded in a time that suits you can be contacted on the phone. If you have a large wedding, you could invite members of your bridal party to help in order to ensure everybody is accounted for.

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Your Day Is Safe With Us

If you have already collected your gown, read our handy guide on how to store it to ensure it stays safe. If you have yet to collect it or were waiting on final fittings, don’t worry! Your gown is in safe hands with us. If you need to rearrange any fittings, contact us at glasgow@eleganza.co.uk

Once you have ironed out the details, it’s time to get excited about your shiny new date! It’s not the start to the year that any of us expected, but there are so many good times in our future. When we come together once more, there will be an overwhelming sense of community and shared experience. You are not alone and you will still celebrate the love between yourself and your partner with those closest to you, which has always been the most important part of your big day.