ELEGANZA INSPIRATION: Let's Talk About Lace. Mobile Image

May 07, 2020

Lace will never go out of style for your wedding gown, it's a romantic and versatile choice that will instantly transform you into a bride! We break down the basics of lace and the various styles that you could choose for your big day...


The delicate nature of lace allows for an extremely feminine finish that you will struggle to replicate with other materials. There are countless different styles of lace. In fact, our lacy materials are like snowflakes and each style of gown is unique! Some of our most coveted designers, such as Martina Liana, specialise in creating a host of different lacy looks that are perfect for a range of different brides. When shopping for your wedding day, you want to find a gown that feels like it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to wear. Lace is the perfect choice for a bride who wants a timeless and graceful style that makes a big impact down the aisle.


There are many ways to incorporate lace into your gown whilst still crafting an entirely modern look. The flowing A-line shape with an all over delicate lace material creates a flattering style that will suit many figures. The sheer panelling of this gown adds a sexy twist that is perfect for the modern bride. Another way to create a fashion-forward look is by choosing a cape. The main body of this gown is a modern twist on a traditional lace, using a sheer and sparkling material with a beautiful abstract design. The additional cape train not only adds a WOW-factor, but also breaks up the lacy look with an extra dimension of texture. A lace material gown can be utterly perfect for a bohemian bride who is looking to break the mould. By opting for a crochet-style lace gown such as Reece by All Who Wander, you can create an effortless bridal look that fits right in to an outdoor wedding location. You might not consider lace as being a low maintenance look, but with the correct styling, such as adding the Essie Straps, this lacy number just screams boho chic. As well as being dainty and elegant, lace can also make a bold statement. Cecilia by Noya by Riki Dalal is the perfect example of using lace to stand out from the bridal crowd! The intricate beading, blush undertone and unique lace pattern that is incorporated into the neckline come together beautifully to create a one-of-a-kind bridal look. If you love the lacy look but are searching for a slightly more demure and sophisticated style, you can opt for a gown that has panels of lace. Choosing a gown that has a lace top and plain skirt is a clever way to create a breathtakingly elegant look. Miriana by Essence of Australia is a simply angelic gown that can be styled perfectly to suit almost any wedding theme. The show stopping detail of the lace fades into a sheer blush skirt, creating an effortlessly beautiful and feminine look. For brides who are looking to find a gown that has the perfect balance between sexy and sophistication, Larissa by Eleganza Iconica is perfect. Available exclusively at Eleganza Sposa, this gown truly has the best of both world. An intricate sheer lace top is added to a form fitting ivory skirt that adds a fabulous sophistication to the overall look. The detailing of the lace train adds another WOW-moment that will leave your guests gushing over you. Shop Eleganza and create your Love List in preparation for your future appointment. Email glasgow@eleganza.co.uk to join our waitlist for appointments when we re-open.