ELEGANZA INSPIRATION: The Minimalist Wedding

ELEGANZA INSPIRATION: The Minimalist Wedding

ELEGANZA INSPIRATION: The Minimalist Wedding. Mobile Image

Apr 16, 2020

We’re looking forward into wedding trends of the future, giving you all the inspiration you need for your big day. This time, we are keeping themes simple, looking at how you can create the minimalist wedding of your dreams… Whilst wedding plans have been put on hold for now, at least we have been given much more time to plan our dream wedding! When you are planning your wedding, it is the little details that will make things truly personal to your marriage. We look at one of the most chic wedding trends out there at the moment: The Minimalist Wedding. 


Your gown does not have to be covered in little details to have a big impact! A flattering shape and a gorgeous material is all you need to stand out and feel beautiful on your big day. Satin gives a minimal yet luxurious look and can be complimentary on many figures. Some wonderful examples are our gowns Louisa, Sapphire and Paola. Each of these gowns have a different look, but their classic shapes are all equally beautiful.

When searching for a venue for your minimalist wedding, one of the first things to consider is how much natural light each room gets. If you are sticking to a neutral colour palette, it is important that they will not be dulled down by a room with bad lighting. Luckily, many wedding venues prepare for this and you shouldn’t be short of options! Find a venue that offers a blank, neutral canvas to compliment your simplistic theme.

The next thing to consider for your minimalist wedding is your colour scheme. You will likely be keeping your colours to a minimum, however an injection of earthy tones and greenery can create an enchanting setting for your big day. Using elements of nature and bringing the outside indoors will liven up your neutral setting. We even have gowns that incorporate a leafy design, such as Alika by Savin London!

Texture plays a huge role when keeping your style minimalist. Incorporating industrial materials such as brick, acrylic and gold will add a modern twist to your wedding styling. A great tip is to think of exciting was to use alternative materials for place cards, table plan and menus. Transparent plastic with beautiful typography is a huge trend that will continue to 2021 and beyond.

The minimalist wedding is a beautiful trend that we see lasting for many years to come. The chic vibe created by the simplicity of this theme is perfect for the modern day bride. To try on any of the looks shown and bring your minimalist dreams to life, arrange your future appointment today.