Eleganza Real Bride: Alice

Eleganza Real Bride: Alice


How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

Eleganza was the sixth wedding dress shop I went to and it was a bit of a whim decision. I had tried about 45 dresses on already and was convinced I would never find my dress! Once I arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful the space was never mind the hundreds of dresses themselves. I took my mum, my maid of honour and my mum's best friend who lived in Glasgow and we had such a lovely visit.


Would you like to share with us your proposal moment, favourite part of planning your wedding or what you have planned for your honeymoon?

My fiancé Ben proposed at the very bottom of my parents garden looking over the highland landscape. He had asked me to come round the garden to take our cat a walk (I know) and still half asleep I agreed. With my hair and teeth unbrushed I put on my dad's big wellies, a massive puffa coat and we headed out into the garden. At the bottom, overlooking Ben Wyvis Ben asked me if I'd like to know a secret, but first i needed to answer a question, "Would I marry him?" I said yes of course and couldn't quite believe that wasn't the big secret. We walked further round the garden and an envelope was waiting for me that announced we were leaving for London that very night to celebrate our engagement! I couldn't believe he had planned everything so well and had managed to surprise me. After we returned inside to tell my parents I discovered my Dad, who had known the proposal was coming, had been watching the whole thing from his binoculars! It was the most magical day and weekend in London and I am still so shocked Ben pulled off such a big surprise.


Tell us more about your Suzanne Neville gown!

It was my 45th dress I tried on and we saved it for last at the appointment. After trying on a few I liked we decided to try on Gigi and we all just knew right away. No one had cried or had a sense of which dress I would go for throughout the other 45 dresses but once I was in Gigi we were all crying and completely in love. I had tried one very plain square/scoop neck on and really liked that style but couldn't seem to find many others like that in the stores I tried. Gigi was the style I loved but with the delicate flowers it just added something extra that I had been looking for. I later decided i wanted to add detachable sleeves to the dress (again having not seen anything with the neckline and little sleeves) and my seamstress Iryna at In Stitches Boutique was amazing in bringing my vision to life. She even attached flowers from the extra fabric to the bottom of my veil and it all flowed so well together!



What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

I initially had decided on a white and green theme for the wedding but quickly decided I wanted to go for something more striking. The theme I then decided on was gold and baby blue. My style is very classic and timeless so I wanted to have a day that would stay classic and beautiful no matter the time you looked back on it.


Tell us more about your Big Day!

We were married in Dingwall Free Church and it was important to us that we got married in a church as we're both Christians. Our reception was Achnagairn Castle which was the most beautiful venue we have ever seen. We invited all our nearest and dearest and many guests from far away stayed with us onsite the day before the wedding too. I was really keen to use as many local or small businesses as we could in the wedding and everything from the florals, the baking at the church and the coffee to the stationary and doughnuts it was all from small businesses. The entire day was just magical and everyone around us, including our vendors and even our guests helped make the day so memorable and special to us. One of our favourite parts of the day was being able to use my bridesmaid's drawings of all the cats we have known and loved and create tables names from them, another of my bridesmaid also played the bagpipes for us entering dinner and that was such a surprise to everyone!


What was the most memorable moment?

Walking down the aisle to the theme song from "Out of Africa" by John Barry. This was the soundtrack I was born to in the hospital delivery room so it was an exceptionally emotional moment for my family, especially my mum! When I reached the start of the aisle with my dad I could see all the faces of those we love most and everyone I looked at had tears in their eyes. When I caught sight of Ben I realised that everything that morning, all the hustle and bustle led me to that very moment, to seeing Ben and realising that was what it was all about. I was marrying my best friend.  



Photographer: SunandBeau | Florist: North Floral Design | Venue 1: Dingwall Free Church | Venue 2: Achnagairn Castle | Makeup: Gillian Hoban | Shoes: Monsoon | Cake: Occasion Cakes Nairn | Caterer: Lunch Box Boys | Music: Wedding Strings Amore & Highland Fire Ceildh