Eleganza Real Bride: Amy

Eleganza Real Bride: Amy

How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

My experience at eleganza was amazing! I went through lockdown so masks were permitted etc but the girls made me feel totally at ease and comfortable. I was a little nervous going incase I didn’t find my perfect dress however rachel knew exactly was suited me and didn’t. The girls are amazing!


Would you like to share with us your proposal moment, favourite part of planning your wedding or what you have planned for your honeymoon?

Me and Dominic were originally meant to get married in Marbella, May 2021. However due to covid we had to cancel the wedding and reschedule for here. We planned our wedding at Turnberry in 9months! We were so stressed out with the wedding as it was our third date but the day was magical which made it all worth it.


What designer did you choose for your dress?

Martina Liana


Tell us more about your gown!

My dress was the perfect princess dress. It was absolutely beautiful!!! It was the total opposite from what I had it in my head prior to the appointment. When rachel originally brought me the dress in my appointment I wasn’t sure of it at all but she really wanted me to try it. As soon as I put it on I felt so emotional and started bubbling up. I absolutely felt like a bride from the minute I put it on. The detail in the dress is perfect and the colour was a slight blush over white or ivory which I loved. My bridesmaids were so so emotional when they seen me in it on the day of my wedding, they expected me to be in something tight so they were totally surprised by what I had picked for my dress. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone loved it, if only I could get away with wearing it again!



What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

As my original wedding was Marbella it was hard to get the abroad wedding idea out of my head. We kept everything really neutral with a hint of blush and gold.


Tell us more about your Big Day!

Our wedding day was amazing. It was at Trump Turnberry on the 20th of May 22. It rained the full day but it didn’t stop us going outside for some perfect pictures. Everyone as described our day as very emotional, personal and one big party. We brought Marbella to Scotland in our opinion (apart from the weather!) We had a sax player, singer, piano player, ice cream cart, free bar & plenty of surprises for the guests. We just loved celebrating our day with all of guests.


What was the most memorable moment?

Seeing Dominic at the end of aisle, I will never forget seeing his happy/excited/bubbling face!



Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

My favourite image is me and dominic at the light house. The setting is absolutely beautiful and I still can’t believe we got a dry spell for 5 minutes to go get the picture! My dress in the picture is setting perfect and I always feel so emotional when I look at it.


Photographer: Canvas and Peach | Florist: Supernova Wedding Design | Venue: Trump Turnberry | Makeup: Jen Pike MUA & Beth Daly MUA | Shoes: Sophia Webster | Cake: Rosewood Cakes | Caterer: Turnberry | Music: Saxingh, Andy Lucas Piano, Beyond Entertainment | Videographer: Little Box Wedding Films