Eleganza Real Bride Carla Wearing Savin London

Eleganza Real Bride Carla Wearing Savin London

Eleganza Real Bride Carla Wearing Savin London. Mobile Image

Jan 22, 2019

How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

Well, my Eleganza Experience all started with a very warm welcome and a glass of Prosecco. It was much more lovely than I ever could have imagined. The place, the people and the dress; everything was a perfect combination and balance which made this experience the  best one.

Would you like to share with us your proposal moment?

Last year, we travelled to Thailand for our holidays. I still remember the colours in the sky. I had never seen sunsets as beautiful as those in Thailand! When my now husband proposed, we were drinking Mate (a traditional infusion we usually drink in Argentina and we take everywhere we go) on a beautiful beach. We were basking in the sunset on a deserted beach surrounded by such beautiful scenery. So, beach, sunset, Mates and Gaston with a ring...who could resist it? ;)

Tell us all about your Savin London dress!

The first time I saw my dress was on Eleganza's website. I loved it because it was very simple yet elegant at the same time. When I went to my initial appointment, I remember that seeing this dress hanging at the very front and I asked to try it. In this moment, someone told me: 'You are very lucky. The designer is here today'. There was no doubt in my mind when I tried it on. I wanted it. However, after trying other dresses and speaking with the designer, I decided to make some changes to add a more personal touch to it, such us opening up the back of the dress and extending the neckline. Those things made it the perfect dress tailored to me. In conclusion, I loved it. I felt very comfortable wearing it, especially when dancing as I did at my wedding. My gown perfectly matched the sentiment that  sometimes 'less is more'.

What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

As we both favour very simple and classic looks, we decided to have everything in white. We did not want to spend a lot of time on the appearance of the wedding as our priority was creating unforgettable moments to enjoy with our family and friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. Besides, the venue was lovely and did not need too much decoration to enhance it. However, a decorator took care of making the place more personal for us, adding a few details.

Tell us more about your Big Day!

We got married on the 3 November 2018 in Argentina- the country where we were born. The weather was incredible, so we enjoyed an outdoor reception with an acoustic duo performing. Then we took a seat to eat, drink and dance. Everything was so lovely and better than we could ever have imagined. We really enjoyed this day and we are very grateful to our guests because they also helped make this celebration such a fantastic day.

What was the most memorable moment?

For me, the most memorable moment was probably during the reception when we had a Ceilidh! People in Argentina were not familiar with Ceilidhs but all of our guests enjoyed it with us.

Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

It is too difficult to choose just one! But, I love some of the images the photographer took during the sunset and others taken at the end of the night when we painted our faces with different colours. Do you have any advice for future brides visiting Eleganza Sposa? Eleganza Sposa has everything to make your bridal experience an unforgettable moment. So, you just have to relax and enjoy the process.  
Photographer: Croma Producciones Florist: My mum Venue 1: Vallerga Eventos Makeup: Carolina Peralta - Monoru Wada Shoes: Carvela Cake: Manjares Pastelería Artesanal Caterer: Vallerga Eventos Music: Cubino Producciones