Eleganza Real Bride Carole Wearing Essense of Australia

Eleganza Real Bride Carole Wearing Essense of Australia

Eleganza Real Bride Carole Wearing Essense of Australia. Mobile Image

Dec 21, 2018

How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

I had visited a number of wedding dress shops before my appointment with Eleganza and I can honestly say that my experience here was on a completely different level. The atmosphere in the shop is magical and everything about the place; from the decor to the stylists, made me feel like a proper bride. My stylist knew exactly which dresses would suit me and it came across as if she genuinely cared about helping me find my dream dress.

Would you like to share with us your proposal moment?

The proposal was a complete surprise. We were on a family holiday visiting my mum in Texas and my partner and I took a trip to New Orleans for the weekend. My nine year old daughter stayed with my mum, but my partner wanted to make sure she played a big part. He recorded a video of her asking me to please say yes and marry him which he showed me at a rooftop bar with the most incredible view of the city. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee with the ring!

Tell us all about your Essense of Australia dress!

I had tried on quite a few dresses before my appointment with Eleganza but had never had that 'wow' feeling. My dress was the first one the stylist picked for me and I just knew right away. I felt amazing in it and it complemented my figure so well. I knew my husband would absolutely love it too and judging from the look on his face when he saw me...I'm pretty sure he did!

What was your inspiration for your wedding?

I didn't have a specific colour theme but wanted everything to have a fresh and summery feel. My bridesmaid dresses were a teal colour and my flowers were a beautiful mix of ivory, pale pink and blue. We chose New Orleans, the city were my husband popped the question, as the theme for our reception. It was great fun picking out all the little touches, from dinner music to table names and little street lamp holders for our name cards.

Tell us more about your Big Day!

So many people told me that the day would be a total blur and it absolutely was. I've never felt so happy and it was amazing to have all our friends and family together to celebrate. The day had a really relaxed feel and it's been lovely to look at all the pictures and watch our wedding video to remind us of all the special moments of the day.

What was the most memorable moment for you?

Definitely the feeling I had before I walked into the ceremony room - I had totally underestimated how nervous and overwhelmed I would feel.

Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

My favourite picture was taken after the wedding meal when the photographer took my husband and I outside. It was one of the only moments of the entire day we were just together ourselves, which was really special. The picture is of us hold hands and having a little kiss in front of the sunset and the lighting was just perfect.  

Do you have any advice for future brides visiting Eleganza Sposa?

I can't speak highly enough of my stylist, she just knew exactly what she was doing and offered some great advice. I'd tried on a few fitted ones in other shops and had actually been put off that style, but when I tried on the fitted dress she'd chosen I absolutely loved it. The attention to detail and expertise of the girls at Eleganza definitely stands out. I'd say go in with some ideas of what you're looking for but definitely keep an open mind. The stylists know which dresses will flatter your shape and some brides, including myself, end up going for a style they never would have expected to pick.
Photographer: Tom Farmer Florist: The Flower Studio Venue: Airth Castle Makeup: Kara Krozer Shoes: Paradox London Cake: Liggy's Cakes Caterer: Airth Castle Music: Franco