Eleganza Real Bride: Chloe

Eleganza Real Bride: Chloe

This beautiful love story began when the pair were just fourteen years old. It was now finally time for this bride to have her big day! We knew at Eleganza how special this day would be, and we are happy to have been part of making this bride's wedding a fairytale!


How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

My experience with Eleganza was one that I had sought of, since being a young girl. Both my Mother and Auntie had been Eleganza brides and so I knew, that I would be too. My experience was reflective, I was encouraged to think of how my personality might shine through my wedding dress. I was encouraged to try on styles that I may have already ruled out, in my head. I was complimented on small things, how happy I looked in my dress, how I might suit my hair styled the way my stylist pulled it back. I was made to feel like a bride and it probably was the first time, the experience felt 'real'. The studio is calm, relaxing, the choice of music is emotive and every time I had a glance in the mirror, I could envision myself walking down the aisle to my husband.


Would you like to share with us your proposal moment, favourite part of planning your wedding or what you have planned for your honeymoon?

My husband and I have been together since we were fourteen years old. We spoke about the way, if and when we might get engaged. Eventually, on his official separation from the army, Christopher took me to Paris for Valentines Day. He proposed to me with our favourite music playing and red roses scattered. We planned our wedding many times but put everything on pause for the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Sofia. We had our day with out most intimate friends and family, it was perfect.




Suzanne Neville


Tell us all about the dress!

My dress was 'Eternity' by Suzanne Neville. I always envisioned being in a classic, understated dress. I was originally worried about the feeling that I was playing 'dress up'. I wanted to feel like a bride but not the centre of attention. I instantly knew after finding the dress on Eleganza's instagram that, that would be my dress. I made a love list prior to my appointment. I tried 'Eternity' on second and just knew, that was the one. I knew if I was walking down the aisle the next day, I wouldn't have to diet or change myself. I was insecure after carrying and breast-feeding my daughter that I wouldn't feel bridal, in my dress however, I was instantly put at ease and in a dress that i had fallen in love with. The dress is luxurious, form fitting and comfortable; a classic silhouette with modern detailing.


What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

My bridesmaids fell in love with a sapphire blue dress. I knew, like my dress, I wanted the day to be understated and classic. With the colour of the dresses, paired with the kilts, I decided to for classic decor throughout. My bouquet was made up of long stemmed white roses. The centre pieces and table runners were classic white roses with a touch of fresh gypsophila. The Lochside has a gentle palette throughout, I wanted a touch of colour to compliment the surroundings of the venue.



Tell us more about your Big Day!

Our anniversary when we were fourteen years old, our engagement and now our wedding day was on a Monday. We wanted the day to feel like a prolonged celebration of all the happy years we've spent together. We travelled to The Lochside on the Sunday and spent the day with our wedding party and family in the sun. We stayed in the lodges and enjoyed a private meal at our venue. We were joined by our closest friends and extended family on our wedding day. We had a very child friendly day, full of games and laughter. The children danced, sang songs and performed burns poems, unplanned. I surprised my husband and guests with the amazing Singing Servers, who got the celebrations well underway before the reception. We were lucky enough to have special moments together on our couple shoot with our photographers. We spoke about the day and realised how lucky we both are. Our entire day was full of love and we couldn't have asked for more.


What was the most memorable moment?

The entire day was a dream, however, walking down the aisle to my husband holding our daughter was a moment I will never forget.


Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

I have two favourite pictures and I cannot choose between them. The one of us at the edge of the water is so special. Our amazing photographer tip-toed across rocks and stones to get into loch and capture our image. On the way back to the reception, I climbed through nettles with Heather following me and my husband and our lovely videographer spent so long rubbing our legs and feet down with dock leaves. When Canvas & Peach sent us that image it made us laugh - it was so worth the stings.


Our second favourite image is the one of us cuddled together, with our daughter, Sofia in the middle. We had come straight out the ceremony and this was the first photograph taken as us all being the 'Hurst's'. It shows us as a family unit, always together, in love and smiling. It is so special to us both. We had asked our photographers to please try to capture as much of Sofia as possible as with her being two we didn't know how patient with the camera she would be. However, this image is perfect.



Photographer: Canvas & Peach Studios | Florist: I AM Flowers UK | Venue: Lochside House Hotel, Lodges & Spa Makeup: Louise Ballantine | Hair: Cameo Bridal Styling Cake: 3D Cakes | Videographer: Olive & Thistle | Music: The Big Papas