Eleganza Real Bride: Ozlem

Eleganza Real Bride: Ozlem


How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

Eleganza Experience was amazing. I travelled in a car all the way from London to Glasgow, only for Eleganza. In fact, i went for my initial bridal trial appointment and got so confused by the selection, so booked another one straight away. I knew i couldn't have left my beautiful gown that i tried on first time. Rachel assisted me, she was so patient, so helpful.


Would you like to share with us your proposal moment, favourite part of planning your wedding or what you have planned for your honeymoon?

Proposal was like a dream. 2 and half years ago. In a treehouse, in the middle of a forest in Cambridgeshire. It was so magical, with white balloons, fireworks, our pictures stuck to the trees and of course magical fairy light in every step of the way to my fiance. - As for honeymoon, we went to Maldives and Dubai, the most magical 10 days. We had to cancel our initial wedding on 12.12.20 due to COVID, had 3 dates in between and finally after 2 whole years we got married on 2.2.22. It was all meant to be.


Tell us more about your Martina Liana gown!

From the moment i wore it, i felt it. I knew it. However, after trying on a few dresses my mind was everywhere. I couldn't be certain, after my first visit. Same night, i couldn't stop thinking about this particular gown. So, the same night i booked another appointment in my hotel room and delayed our travel a couple of hours to visit Eleganza first thing in the morning. I only tried my dress, and it was the one. I knew it from the moment i laid eyes on it. Then i complimented it with a different Veil, not the one recommended, Amalfi Veil (Eleganza). When i tried them together, that was it. I paid rushed fee to get it earlier and left.



What was your inspiration for your wedding? Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette?

My wedding was a big one. We had over 1300 guests. It was in a banqueting suite in London. Kervan. - My theme was black and white. I always wanted the two bold colours. Back drop black with white flowers in front. Our center pieces was also black with white flowers complimenting it.


Tell us more about your Big Day!

We got married with over 1200 guests on 2.2.22! Restrictions was totally over, not even masks was required. We arrived in a classic Bentley. Got ready in a hotel, which was really fun


What was the most memorable moment?

The whole day, from the moment i started getting ready was special. But our first dance to Teddy Swims - Your still the one was unforgettable!


Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

I haven't got all my wedding photographs yet as my photographers still working on them. However, the full length photographs of me in my wedding dress is my fav(for now!)



Photographer: Coban Weddings | Florist: Your London Florist | Venue: Kervan Banqueting Suite | Makeup: Makeup by Lorenzo | Music: Dj Hancer x Group Sinemili | Hotel: Hotel - Down Hall and Spa