Eleganza Real Bride: Rebecca

Eleganza Real Bride: Rebecca

Eleganza Real Bride: Rebecca. Mobile Image

Sep 03, 2021


How would you describe your Eleganza Experience?

Before coming to Eleganza I was asked to create my 'love list'. My Stylist, Laura was so friendly and helpful - she decided to pick one of the dresses that was lower down on my love list, and I couldn't believe that this first dress I tried on was... THE ONE!
I am rubbish at making decisions at the best of times, so I couldn’t believe how easy it was to say 'Yes to the Dress'. I tried on the rest of the dresses from my love list and a few others that Laura had picked for me just to be 100% sure, but we went back to the first one and I just knew it was the one because the minute I put it on, it made my mum and I a wee bit emotional. The rest of the Eleganza team were so complimentary and kind.


Let’s go back to the start - what was your engagement like?

My now-husband proposed to me on Christmas morning 2018. It was just the two of us and our ginger fur baby Alfie as we opened our presents under the Christmas tree. I turned around after opening a gift that he had given me and he swivelled up onto one knee from sitting on the floor with Alfie and asked me to be his wife. It was very cute, cosy and a TOTAL surprise! I cried so much that I couldn't actually see the ring for my tears and what must have felt like a lifetime to G, felt like seconds to me but some time had passed and I still hadn’t given him and answer. Of course I said YES but I was in so much shock and couldn’t believe it… I think I was so taken aback because I honestly thought I would have known if he was going to propose. During December he had some help from my Aunt designing the perfect ring for me and it was so lovely to go and spend the rest of our Christmas day with our loved ones to not only celebrate Christmas together, but to also celebrate our engagement. It was such a wholesome day filled with lots of love, Facetiming friends and family abroad and sharing our happy news with our nearest and dearest.



Tell us all about your Jesus Peiro wedding gown.

My dress was backless, with long sleeves and a long train - but what made me fall in love with this dress was the pretty petals at the bottom of the sleeves. I have always loved flowers and the dress was so simplistic and elegant, but the flowers added a fun quirkiness to the dress. Once I had my dress alterations made at Karen Rotchford's, they took away some of the length at the bottom of my dress and instead of throwing this material away, I asked if they could use it to create some white buttons along the zip of the back of my dress to add some more detail. They did exactly that and it was perfect. I love my dress, it was exactly what I wanted and I can’t thank Eleganza enough for helping me find it.


Did you follow a specific theme or colour palette for your wedding decor?

We got married at The Tin Shed in Fintry so we kept our theme very rustic and our colour palette neutral with earthy tones. This complimented the setting, and everything seemed to blend nicely with the ethos and environment of our wedding.
I wanted my bridal party to be comfortable and confident in their dresses, so I was happy for them to wear different styles of dresses with similar shades of sage. The groomsmen decided that they liked these colours too and got their jackets and kilts to match. My florist then took inspiration from all of this and created the most beautiful bouquets and buttonholes.



Tell us more about your wedding day!

Our wedding was a DIY wedding which meant we got to do it our way. We spent the day before with our amazing parents and bridal party setting up the space and adding all the décor and little details to the venue.
We were hoping that by the time our big day came around, restrictions would have been lifted and we would have the list of 130 family and friends that we had planned for. Unfortunately, our big day turned out to be a few days before these restrictions were lifted and so we were limited to 50 guests. The extra added stress of the pandemic was upsetting at times because we knew so many of our loved ones would be missing but everyone was really understanding and it made us grateful to have such kind and supportive people in our lives.
On the day, we definitely felt that we’d managed to make the most out a difficult situation and that having a smaller wedding actually made our day very special. The intimacy of our day helped create some magical moments and allowed G and I to spend time together, relax and enjoy our wedding day. We had an amazing time and were extremely grateful to be able to spend it surrounded by our family and friends.
We set up a camera during the ceremony so that we could live stream this to the guests that should have been there but couldn’t and this was also really lovely to watch back and see everyone’s reactions during the ceremony. One of our closest friends helped our humanist marry us by sharing our story and a friends perspective on our relationship - this added such a heartfelt and honest element to our ceremony.  We were played down the aisle by more of our closest friends with a piece written by my husband that even brought him to tears... so you can imagine what an emotional wreck I was.  
Everyone that we know who have been married have said “make sure to take some time to sit back and take it all in because it goes in the blink of an eye” but our day went at the perfect pace and this may have been because there were less people there. This meant we got to spend some quality time with everyone there, which was really special.  We had the best day, and we wish we could do it all over again. A beautiful venue, surrounded by beautiful people, with good food/drinks and good company.



What was the most memorable moment?

There were so many memorable parts but one of our favourite moments was when we went for a wander with our photographer to get some more pictures and as we started to walk to the top of the hill, this stunning sunset dropped down over Ben Lomond. As the sun started to set on the most magical day of our lives, we look a moment to stop, stand side by side, take in the view and count our lucky stars for the beautiful people in our lives who made 10.07.21 such a special and memorable day.



Do you have a favourite picture from your wedding day? Why is this image so special to you?

Our photographer Lena captured so many perfect moments. Although her catchphrase of the day was “perfection is boring”, she really has an eye for what makes something picture perfect and can find it even in the most unlikely of places. Every photo is filled with so much happiness, love or laughter – it’s been so hard to pick our favourite because we absolutely adore them all.


Photographer: Lena Sabala Photographer | Florist: Libby Stanners | Venue 1: Knockraich Farm | Venue 2: The Tin Shed | Makeup: Claire Reid Makeup | Shoes: Steve Madden | Cake: My Auntie Sally | Caterer: Truffle Events | Music: Our talented friends