HOW TO: Get Ready For Your Wedding In Style

HOW TO: Get Ready For Your Wedding In Style

HOW TO: Get Ready For Your Wedding In Style. Mobile Image

May 28, 2020

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Dress? Check. Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Glass of fizz with the girls? ...Is there time?! Make sure getting ready for your wedding day is a fun and relaxing experience with our guide...

It's important to plan ahead to make sure that getting ready for your wedding day is a smooth and fun experience. Taking the time to get ready on the morning of your wedding will give you a confident glow that lasts all day. We all think that this begins and ends with picking the perfect makeup artist and hairdresser. This is true, but there are other aspects to consider ahead of your big day!


Creating the perfect space to get ready in is essential for any bride. First, consider whether you would like to be on-site at your venue or in the comfort of your own home. There are pros to both of these locations and the main factor to consider will be travelling time to and from the venue. If you live close enough to your venue, getting ready in the house can be a soothing treat. This means you don't need to worry about packing up or, god forbid, forgetting anything important! Getting ready on-location can be an exciting adventure too. Make sure you create a list of everything you need with you and check it off meticulously to avoid any morning-of panics.





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Making sure the vibes are right on the morning of your wedding day means your day will be off to a flying start. Make sure to get a good night's sleep before. Spraying the room with calming scents such as lavender is a great little trick to drift off to sleep and maintain the calm vibes for the morning. Sleep with a notepad beside you if your head is spinning with things you want to remember for the next day. Write them down and try to forget about them until the morning. 


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If you're having a lot of visitors, such as bridesmaids and family, make sure you still have a quiet space to get ready in. Jitters are perfectly normal and you want to make sure there's room for some peace and quiet if need be. That said, don't be afraid to crank up the volume on the music and get the party started! Morning mimosas are a fun way to start the day, just don't forget to eat! Breakfast bites will make sure you are feeling on top form throughout the day. Most importantly, make sure you have a space with lots of natural lighting to get ready in.



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Photography: Ross Alexander


Before getting into your dress, make sure to wear something that will not be difficult to get off such as a robe or a button-up silk pyjama set. This will make sure that your hair and makeup stays in tact. There are so many options for bride and bridesmaid's getting ready attire, choose something you really love so you feel glamorous from the moment you open your eyes! Your Eleganza stylist will have shown you or a member of your bridal party exactly how to get into your dress. Make sure to have at least two people fully clued up on how to help with your gown so it is looking exactly how you want it! Even if your gown has been stored to perfection, it's always a good idea to bring something to steam your gown to avoid last minute creasing.





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Finally, something that many brides might forget to consider is planning out exactly what shots you want your wedding photographer to capture on their big day. Detailed images of your dress, ring, shoes and flowers are a great keepsake for your big day. Discuss these shots with your photographer before the day so everything is in order. If you are uncomfortable being photographed without makeup on and would like the photography to begin after you are ready, this is also something to mention before the big day. Your photographer will be sure to organise their schedule to perfection, but if you have your own vision it is important to discuss this beforehand.





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Getting ready for your wedding is a beautiful experience and planning ahead will allow it to be all the smoother. If you are planning a wedding and would like to be added to our waiting list for appointments when we are allowed to reopen, email us at