HOW TO: Store Your Wedding Gown

HOW TO: Store Your Wedding Gown

HOW TO: Store Your Wedding Gown. Mobile Image

Apr 02, 2020

When you find the wedding gown of your dreams, you will want to do all you can to make sure it is looking it’s absolute best. Follow some simple steps to store your gown correctly, keeping it picture perfect forever…

Whether you have already enjoyed your wedding gown and want to keep it in beautiful shape forever, or have unfortunately had to postpone this year’s wedding and need your gown to look pristine for when you make it down the aisle, how you store your wedding gown can make all the difference to it’s condition.


It’s important to know that you shouldn’t store your gown in just any box. Certain boxes could create odd smells or even add a yellow tinge on your dress if it is left for too long. Our special airtight, pH neutral boxes are the safest environment for your gown.

If necessary, our boxes will come with acid free tissue in between each layer to preserve the fabric. Should you want to add your own tissue, make sure it is the acid free kind. Normal tissue paper will become acidic over time which could damage your dress.

If you are travelling, make sure your gown is packed in your box exactly right before you leave - and don’t forget a steamer for the big day! Steaming your gown is the safest way of smoothing any unwanted creases and wrinkles after you've transported your dress.

You might think a cover would help keep your gown safe, but do not use a plastic cover. It is important that the material of your gown can breathe and plastic would simply suffocate the delicate materials. Plastic covers can even disintegrate over time, potentially leaving behind harmful particles on your dress. If you would like to cover your gown, a cotton sheet works well as a temporary fix.

The aftercare of your wedding gown should also not be neglected. It is important to find a dry cleaner who specialises in wedding gowns so you can have confidence that the delicate materials of your dress are in safe hands. We recommend our partner Sew Clean and can even deliver dresses to their base in Hamilton on your behalf for your convenience!

All that’s left to do now is enjoy your dream gown and the memories made wearing it for the rest of your life! If you have any more questions regarding the storing and preservation of your gown, please don’t hesitate to contact us.