Laura and Andrew Pearson - Love Story (Part 1)

Laura and Andrew Pearson - Love Story (Part 1). Mobile Image

Dec 11, 2015

For our newest blog feature, each month we will follow the love story of one of our Eleganza real brides. This month, we are featuring the beautiful Laura Pearson who married her Prince, Andrew on the 29th of August in the stunning Boturich Castle. In this first part of their fairytale, Laura begins by telling us about how the couple met and the very romantic proposal. Tune in next week for part two…. We met in our late twenties when we both worked for a Glasgow Building Design Company. With an Accountant and an Engineer working in such close proximity, sparks where sure to fly!  On my first day I remember waiting at reception and Andy strolled past and flashed me the biggest smile.  It was love at first sight for me!  They say opposites attract and indeed this is true for Andy and myself.  Andy is cool, calm and extremely laid back while I am an excitable chatter box often going 100 miles an hour, this created the a perfect balance! laura 2  Our family and close friendships are so important to Andy and I.  This has been the foundation on which our relationship has grown.  We truly are Best Friends.  As an only child myself it was wonderful to become so close to Andy’s Sister, Brother and their partners not to mention two beautiful Nieces and a handsome Nephew! We have had so many amazing holidays’ parties and Christmases with both our families together! laura 3 Having spent two years travelling all over the states almost every two weeks with my job, I have a real love for Colorado and Arizona.  Deciding to give up the travelling was extremely hard however in doing so it meant moving in together and not being apart anymore!  We planned a trip early March to fly back out to Colorado on a Ski holiday.  One week in to the holiday Andy finally caught me off guard.  We went to the top of the resort 13,000ft high and on that beautiful sunny morning Andy got down on one ski and asked me to marry him… Instantly I said yes! He made me ski down several black runs before he would allow me to try on my ring, as he was slightly worried that I might drop it in the snow! lauar 4 Being the gentleman that Andy is he had already asked my Mum and Dads permission over dinner and showed Mum the beautiful ring. We had such a lovely celebration the night we caught engaged!  It was wonderful to share the news with our family and friends.  laura 5 The first Wedding chat I had with my Mum, Man of Honor and Bridesmaids when I got home was how exciting it was going to be finding the DRESS and so an appointment with Eleganza was made! If you are an Eleganza bride and would like to share your love story with our readers, please contact