Miss World Designer Fashion Competition

Miss World Designer Fashion Competition. Mobile Image

Dec 02, 2014

We are extremely proud to announce that our Eleganza Collezioni gown won third place at the Miss World Designer Fashion competition 2014. In this particular competition, the contestants were judged purely on the basis of their dress. The criteria for their chosen dress was that it had to be a creation from their home country. We were delighted to learn that Miss Scotland's Ellie McKeating chose to wore our bespoke, tartan inspired evening gown from our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, 'Mezzaluna', paying homage to her Scottish heritage. ellie The event took place at the London Fashion Retail Academy and was judged by a prestigious panel that included; Mike Dixon, Donna Darby, Andrew Minarik, staff from the FRA, a panel of FRA students, and Miss World Chairman, Julia Morley. We can't wait to see how Ellie progresses in the competition and look forward to her modeling more Eleganza gowns throughout its duration! x