The twenty year bond - Suzanne Neville and Eleganza

The twenty year bond - Suzanne Neville and Eleganza

The twenty year bond - Suzanne Neville and Eleganza. Mobile Image

Nov 15, 2016

Fresh from celebrating an incredible 25 years in the business, the internationally acclaimed designer Suzanne Neville is well and truly a marvel in the wedding industry. With determination and hard work being the forefront since the young age of 19, Suzanne has gone from having her debut collection stocked in Harrods to over 50 stores across the globe dressing their brides in her gowns. It would be impossible to say what the main factor that has contributed to her successful status is; could it be the list of stars that she often dresses, the award for RBA’s “best wedding dress designer” or the fact that brides in New York, Paris and LA are all calling out for her creations? They are all equally extraordinary accomplishments, but the key has always been in the design.

Suzanne Neville has a signature cut that defines her from other designers. These cuts are so distinguished, that admirers of her work can recognise them right away. This, what may seem like small detail, is the difference between a dress fitting the bride and it completely enhancing and defining her. Every gown is hand crafted in London and with these beautiful cuts and the use of the finest Italian fabrics, it’s no wonder that women the world over want to wear them.

There is a certain classical grace in Suzanne’s designs, many of which have been inspired by her brides themselves. She has noted that she doesn’t have a “typical bride” and that there is something for everyone, and while this may ring true, each gown has a timeless elegance that will never date. Suzanne has described her new Portrait collection as an “electric mix of styles, fabrics and silhouettes” some of which have been reworks from previous designs. This keeps all of her gowns current, but not straying too far from what has made her so distinguished and captivating from the day Harrods embraced her.

Eleganza was one of the first to acknowledge these classic and truly exceptional designs. Anna’s eye for detail is remarkable, which is what has made this 20 year relationship between the boutique and the designer so undeniably perfect. Eleganza Sposa has unparalleled knowledge of her gowns and their makeup. The partnership between Suzanne and Anna has created beautiful bespoke gowns for many brides looking for something truly exquisite. Suzanne Neville is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated bridal designers of the past two decades.