Wedding Dresses Perfect for Winter

Wedding Dresses Perfect for Winter

Winter wedding backdrops are lovely, but it can be difficult to find a bridal gown that perfectly balances romantic appeal with protection against the weather. Ideally, you’ll want to look into gowns with maximum coverage; long sleeves and layered skirts should be your go-to. Here are some of our favorite winter wedding dresses that we have in stores at Eleganza Sposa!


The Giorgia by Martina Liana Luxe



The Giorgia by Martina Liana Luxe features a fitted mermaid silhouette with a corset bodice, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, and shimmering floral appliqués throughout. The sleeves on this dress allow for comfort in colder temperatures, without sacrificing the appearance of a strapless neckline.


The Karisa by Essense of Australia


The Karisa gown features a ball gown silhouette, mesh long sleeves, and dramatic textures throughout, such as ruffles and floral embellishments. The skirt on this gown consists of multiple layers of fabric, creating a princess-like bridal look while simultaneously insulting your warmth.


The Milan by Eleganza Iconica



We are excited to shine a spotlight on the Milan wedding dress by Eleganza Iconica. This stunning gown focuses on unique textures and a mesmerizing blend of bohemian inspiration and regal glamour. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with the Milan. Here’s a breakdown on its features:



The Milan consists entirely of sheer mesh under a layer of nature-inspired appliqués decorating the gown, from the top of its straps to the bottom of its skirt. Embroidered flowers, stems, and tiny leaves allow for much blank space throughout the gown to create an alluring illusion of bare skin. Featuring a plunging neckline on a fit and flare silhouette, the Milan exudes an effortlessly ethereal aura. This style’s versatility allows it to be an excellent option for cathedral weddings and outdoor weddings, alike.



The underlying layer of mesh in the Milan is available in two tones: nude or ivory, allowing you to personalize your look. Nude mesh emphasizes the ivory textures of the dress, while ivory mesh tones down its floral details and adds more coverage to your appearance. The Milan also offers an optional cape, which trails behind the gown in a sheer sheet of mesh and is outfitted with matching floral textures on the shoulders and neck. The Milan Cape creates a turtleneck-like appearance and dramatically elevates the gown with regal elegance.


The Molly by Suzanne Neville


The Molly dress features minimalist, solid textures, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, and a high slit on a classic A-line silhouette. The sleeves on this gown add a flirty frame to your neckline and keep your arms warm while creating the illusion of a strapless gown.

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