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           Terms and Conditions of Business




Sample Sale Online Orders


Sample Sale wedding dresses are gowns that have been tried on in our store, which means they are not brand new. Each one of our sample sale gowns will be professionally dry cleaned before shipment or collection. All sample sale gowns may need minor to extensive repairs and alterations depending on the sample sale gown condition and size.


All sample sale gowns online are a FINAL SALE and are not returnable or exchangeable after purchase. If you have questions regarding the condition of a sample sale gown prior to purchase, please let us know.


Sample Sale Gowns must be paid in full at the time of order to allow us to start the dry cleaning process. This payment is non refundable or transferable at a later date, or in the event of cancellation  of the wedding. 


When purchasing a Sample Sale gown online you are confirming that you have checked your measurements against the designer size chart of your chosen gown and are happy to go ahead with the sample size that you have selected on your order. The Sample gown will not be ordered in a new size.


Ordering Online


All customer orders require to be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of 60% - or paid in full if you are purchasing a sample sale gown - at the time of order. This deposit will not be refundable or transferable at a later date, or in the event of cancellation of the wedding. No apportionment shall be made in respect of the refund of any deposit. The price can only be guaranteed once the 60% deposit, or full payment, has been paid. The order form and deposit will secure an order at the price stated on the signed order form. However, this may be subject to additional costs or surcharges, as outlined below. If you cancel your order at any time or for any reason and we are in possession of the goods or are unable to cancel from our suppliers, you will have to pay the agreed price in full.




All contact information collected will be used solely for the purpose of this order. All orders are confidential and we will only discuss any matters regarding orders with the person who placed the order and signed the paperwork.




When purchasing a Sample Sale gown online you are confirming that you have checked your measurements against the designer size chart of your chosen gown and are happy to go ahead with the sample size that you have selected on your order. 


During your appointment, your measurements will be taken. These will enable you to select the most appropriate size for your gown, according to our suppliers’ size charts. If you have measurements taken at a later date all orders will be placed immediately without a size to insure, they will be possible and measurements sent at a later date. Should you wish, we can have your gown cut to measures at an additional cost, please note- cut to measurement dresses will still require alterations.  The additional cost varies from designer to designer. It should be noted that gowns larger than size 16 (UK), gowns requiring extra length or gowns requiring delivery of less than the normal 16 weeks will incur a surcharge. Again, this surcharge will vary from designer to designer. If you have not been informed of the cost at the time of your appointment you will be notified by email within 14 days, and we will also notify you as soon as we are aware of additional costs or surcharges.




Any modifications to design are subject to a surcharge from the manufacturer which will be charged to the client. This surcharge is not always known at the time of your order but will normally be confirmed within 14 days.




We cannot guarantee availability until we receive written confirmation from our suppliers, as designs and styles may change without Eleganza Sposa being notified in advance. Acceptance of a signed order from and 50% deposit does not guarantee availability. We believe goods are available from our suppliers at the time of order, but we do not accept liability should the supplier inform us the required size, design or style is no longer available. We undertake to notify customers by telephone within 14 working days of the order form and 50 per cent deposit being received should your choice not be available. If you cannot be contacted by telephone, we undertake to notify you in writing within 14 days.




Although we do aim to have your order in plenty of time for your wedding or special event, we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates and we accept no liability for late delivery by suppliers or third parties. When your order arrives, we shall inform you in email/telephone. You must arrange to view your goods, pay any outstanding balances and take your goods away with you within 14 days of receiving your email you will be asked to sign a collection form indicating you are happy with the goods. We cannot store items. Goods will arrive between 4-8 months approx, depending on time of year. 


Final Payment


We shall inform you in writing of the balance to be paid, and this sum should be paid within 14 days. You should be aware that, by placing an order for a dress, you are entering into a contract which is legally binding on both parties. Should you not settle the balance of the price within 14 days of being notified that your gown has arrived into store, or is ready to be shipped, you will be in breach of this contract. We would therefore have the right to insist on the payment of the balance, or to terminate the contract and claim damages against you for the losses we have incurred as a result of your failure to make payment. Interest on late payments will be payable at four per cent above The Bank of Scotland base lending rate from the date payment become due until payment is received. This may involve court action being taken against you. You should not place an order if you are unable to meet the price stated during your initial appointment, subject to additional costs and surcharges. The goods will remain the property of Eleganza until payment is received in full for all goods ordered, together with any additional costs or surcharges. 




The price of garments EXCLUDES all costs in respect of alterations. We can recommend an excellent seamstress to alter your gown. We will not discuss any complaint about the quality or fitting of the dress once it has left our premises.




Eleganza Sposa does not accept returns or exchanges for any online orders. All sales are FINAL SALE.